Disease Library

The chemical information and activity information of related compounds are reliable, and they act on more than 500 diseases. It contains research hotspots such as cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's disease. These unique small molecules have anti-cancer, analgesic, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and other activities. It can be used for high-throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS), and various biochemical studies.You can customize the compound library products freely and choose any compounds in the library according to your needs
  • 产品名称: 蛇菰素A
    英文名称: 蛇菰素A
    产品编号: HB325002
    产品规格: 分析标准品 Analytical standard
    软脂酸-BETA-香树精酯 Balanophorin A CAS 5973-06-8 分子量665.14 分子式:C46H80O2 
  • 英文名称: 华蟾毒它灵;华蟾素
    产品编号: HC009069
    产品规格: HPLC≥98%
    Cinobufotalin CAS 1108-68-5 分子量:458.551 分子式:C26H34O7
  • 产品名称: 去氢蟾蜍色胺
    英文名称: 去氢蟾蜍色胺
    产品编号: HD009056
    产品规格: 分析标准品 Analytical standard
    Dehydrobufo-tenine CAS 17232-69-8 分子量:203.265 分子式:C12H15N2O+ 
  • 产品名称: 7BETA-羟基蟾毒灵
    英文名称: 7BETA-羟基蟾毒灵
    产品编号: HB009853
    产品规格: HPLC≥98%
    7beta-Hydroxybufalin CAS 20143-97-9 分子量:402.5 分子式:C24H34O5
  • 产品名称: 1beta-羟基蟾毒灵
    英文名称: 1beta-羟基蟾毒灵
    产品编号: HB009968
    产品规格: HPLC≥98%
    1beta-Hydroxybufalin CAS 366004-27-5 分子量:402.5 分子式:C24H34O5 
  • 英文名称: 华蟾酥毒基,华蟾毒精
    产品编号: HB009068
    产品规格: HPLC≥99%
    Cinobufagin CAS 470-37-1 分子量:442.552 分子式:C26H34O6
  • 产品名称: 南美蟾毒精
    英文名称: 南美蟾毒精
    产品编号: HT009697
    产品规格: HPLC≥98%
    Marinobufagin CAS 470-42-8 分子量:400.515 分子式:C24H32O5 
  • 英文名称: 5BETA-羟基蟾毒它灵
    产品编号: HB009967
    产品规格: HPLC≥98%
    5beta-Hydroxybufalin CAS N/A 分子量:460.56 分子式:C26H36O7 
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